aka Frances Cordero

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in the Philippines!
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is an active Neopian, Earthbender, and founder of Writer's Camp Wikia.
  • I am a Female!
  • Editor10

    Okay, I know that this is a weird place to start, but for some circumstances and safety purposes, I will start with the STRICT rules of this site. The rules are as follows:

    1. No bad words!

    2. No harassing, embarassing, or sexual videos, pictures, or posts here!

    3. No more than THREE pictures on one post.

    4. NO violating the other rules.

    5. No mocking or disrespectful comments and/or posts!

    6. No mocking of other users or sites. 

    Okay. Is everything cleared out with you guys? I know that compared to other sites' rules, mine are a bit of a laughingstock. Aren't they? 

    Well, those were the rules. Now for the info. 

    First off, I live in America. I've watched Taken 1 and 2, so I'm not revealing EXACTLY where I live. 

    Hmm. I like reading, writing, and do…

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