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This wiki is dedicated to your thoughts, stories, and blogs. Write what you wish! However, if your blog, story, or thought includes rude, violent, harassing, or sexual pictures or words, it will be deleted immediately for safety purposes.

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My topic is...... you guessed it, THOUGHTS! BLOGS! STORIES! I really am sorry that I have almost no pictures at all on this site, but as a ten year old managing a wiki on her own, pictures don't seem to be my top priority. I didn't think many people would come to a wikia like mine, probably the most boring of all wikias. *sigh* Oh well, that's that, isn't it? You must think I speak like a woman a thousand years old and not a young girl who is ten. I have a co-editor, his name is Sachiel, but he went to Hawaii after we made our wikia bargain. I traded 2 quarters and a nickel (Sachiel's rates are high, and he will not give me a discount) for this! Our editing team consists of me, Sachiel, and Angela, who is Sachiel's twin sister. Angela went with Sachiel to Hawaii with their parents, and they left the heavy weight of managing a site on my frail shoulders. Bollocks! You must think I am lying, my story is too weird to be true. I agree! But, however, my story is real, and if you pass by my house and peer into my room, you will probably see a girl with chesnut brown hair (me) typing on a computer while a boy an inch taller than me is fixing books (Sachiel) and a girl who is a carbon copy of Sachiel, except she is a girl, trying to fix a broken fan (Angela), while a teenager with headphones is telling them to shut up (my brother Justin) so he can listen to his music. Yup, that's us. 

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